When we first started, we often ask “What is the state of our women today?”

“What are their thoughts on how Malaysia is developing and where it should be heading?”

These questions have been faithfully lighting our path. Undoubtedly, we will ask them time and again simply because we women are at the heart of Malaysia’s resilience and sustainability. Everything and in anything we do leaves a mark in national development. We believe that as we evolve, re-defining our roles and identity, we evidently shape the society we all live in.

Our work at Penita is to build a resource centre where diverse range of information on women’s concerns and knowledge can be shared and build upon. A place were women from all walks of life can participate in creating knowledge projects that benefit other women and communities. Where women’s voices can be strengthened and minds ignited for our self-development and that of our communities. We believe knowledge is the key that unlocks all these potentials.